20 Year Life Expectancy
No Spoiled Feed
No Rain Weeping In
Stops Concrete Deterioration

100% 10-Year Warranty

Air Tight Seal

Feed Will Not Stick

Solid Bond To Wall


We began using EPOXY in 1970 and find that nothing else can compare.
So if you value your silo as well as your feed, nothing does a better job or
lasts longer then EPOXY.

Epoxy is a solvent base, three part ingredient. You have your hardener,
Epoxy and the solvent. Many company's out there will sell you a epoxy
that's not a solvent base, because they can buy it cheaper. The reason for
the solvent, is to penetrate the concrete and form a solid bond to the wall. Without the solvent you will have a superficial bond(similar to concrete products). We use high pressure water for cleaning(4000psi, 4 gal min). The reason we don't sandblast is, you can not get dirt off with dirt, plus all the sand will form in the cracks and not be clean. We use the same style of scaffolding as it was built. Once the silo is washed, any where from 4-10 hours of washing, we leave the silo sit and dry. Once the silo is dry,we mix up the Epoxy and send it up to the top. Usually there is three guys up on top and one on the ground. We start by rolling it on in ten foot drops. The Epoxy is rolled on in two coats at once. You have to roll both coats on right away before it sets up. We are the only company to put two coats on.
Usually it takes the same amount of time to Epoxy as it does to wash.



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