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Welcome to Falls Silo Repair

 Your Epoxy Relining Specialists


We are a 3 generation family owned and operated business. The late Patrick McNamara
(Mick or Mickey as most of you would've know him by) started as a young man working for
his father on silos. Mick was one of the first to reline a silo with EPOXY. Through the years,
Mick started his own silo business. In the few years before his passing, he slowly passed the
company onto his two sons, Travis and Chad McNamara. Through out the years the sons
have learned and seen just about everything there is to see about silos.

There are a few things that our father has thought us. Take care of your customers. His
thinking was there is always going to be silos and only the companies that stick with your
customers, treat them right and always looking towards the future are going to be in business
in the long run. Dad's saying was "do the job well and it will bring you great success."
"Your best advertiser is the farmer" says Travis.

Travis is more of the over all manager; with his wife Amy doing the book work. Chad is more of the get out and get the work done.
Chad runs the crews and over looks the jobs. You can count on Chad or Travis to be on the job during the work process.


Any and All Silo Repairs
Epoxy Relining
Fill Pipe
Chute Replacement
Roof - Repair / Replacement
Door Hardware
Foundation - Repair / Replacement
Hoop Re-Tensioning
Door Spreader Replacement




Doors - Wood/Steel


Re - Hooping

Silo Straightening

Tear - Down

20 Year Life Expectancy
No Spoiled Feed
No Rain Weeping In
Stops Concrete Deterioration

100% 10 Year Warranty

Air Tight Seal

Feed Will Not Stick

Solid Bond To Wall


Call us today for an on-site inspection: (715) 382•4296




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